A vineyard is a field of choices. And that’s what it all comes down to: choices. Every wine is a creation with many contributors. But in the end, guided by tradition, science and what can only be called instinct, one person makes the choices that make the wine. À votre santé.

"New Traditions"

Our winemaker, J-L (Jean-Laurent) Groux is a native of France's Loire Valley who learned his craft in the vineyards of Burgundy and Bordeaux. And while he venerates the traditions of winemaking, he won't be bound by them.

Instead, J-L is open to fresh ideas and to establishing what he calls "new traditions." So, at Stratus you'll find many new approaches to grape-growing and winemaking. Judged by the age-old standard of "what works best," these innovations help J-L pursue a very traditional goal – outstanding, age-worthy wines that capture the essence of vintage and vineyard.

Ancient Art. New World.

Known as one of Niagara’s winemaking pioneers, J-L brought his vision of creating premium New World wines through the Old World art of assemblage to Stratus. Using the vineyard as his palette, he creates complexity through diversity by blending several grape varieties into one layered and richly textured wine.