Winemaker J-L Groux

“New Traditions”

J-L is open to fresh ideas and believes in the future of traditions. At Stratus, you’ll find many new approaches to grape-growing and winemaking. Judged by the age-old standard of “what works best,” these innovations help J-L pursue a very traditional goal – outstanding, age-worthy wines that capture the essence of vintage and vineyard.

Ancient Art. New World.

Known as one of Niagara’s winemaking pioneers, J-L brought his vision of creating premium New World wines through the Old World art of assemblage to Stratus. Using the vineyard as his palette, he creates complexity through diversity by blending several grape varieties into one layered and richly textured wine.

Five Attributes

J-L crafts his wines to have powerful aromatics, a round mouthfeel, complexity, significant length and the capability of aging at least seven to 10 years. This allows wine lovers to taste the benefits of patience and time.