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Coast to Coast @ Stratus presents “Tri-Beckta”

Coast to Coast @ Stratus presents “Tri-Beckta”

A tasty journey through Chef Michael Moffatt and Proprietor Stephen Beckta’s three Ottawa hot spots —Beckta, Play and Gezellig

Saturday September 28, 2013

Stratus Vineyards
6:30 pm
$150 plus tax

As the days shorten and the bunches on the vine transform from bright green to dark purple, we turn our attention to the tastes of harvest.

You won’t want to miss the final dinner in our Coast to Coast series for 2013. We have hit the “Tri-Beckta” for this special evening that will cleverly feature courses in the genre of three very different dining rooms!

Beckta, Play and Gezellig, each unique and wonderful Ottawa-area restaurants, have three extremely important things in common: Proprietor Stephen Beckta; Executive Chef & Partner Mike Moffatt; and a commitment to outstanding hospitality. Since Stephen’s return home from New York City in 2004, the Beckta group of restaurants has become central to the Ottawa culinary scene, garnering accolades both locally and nationally, including Chef Moffatt’s double wins at Gold Medal Plates.

Please join us for a harvest dinner in the styles of Beckta, Play and Gezellig, served alongside another flavourful trio — the three ‘cuts’ from our vineyard — Stratus, Tollgate and Wildass!

Book your seats now and join us for this intimate, dynamic and delicious evening.

$150 plus tax.

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