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2017 Charles Baker Ivan Riesling

VQA Twenty Miles Bench
Bottle size
750 mL
Drinking Window
2018 - 2027

Like a fresh spring breeze, this wine is welcome, it is refreshing, it reminds us of the good life we all anticipate as warm weather approaches.
Considerable irony here on the the part of Riesling as the 2017 was born of a summer covered in cloud and cooler than we'd like.
The tiny planting of Riesling in the Ivan vineyard is found on the upper half of Twenty Miles Bench and split into two blocks. The higher elevation receives direct rays of sun and strong wind, the lower portion, less so and also nestled in a wind blocking tree-line. This results in both ripe fruit and freshness.

"A year older, vines a year further down the road to freedom and wisdom. Ivan will eventually wrest greatness and keep it consistently firm in grasp while 2019 seems poised to act in constancy as a year of transition. Transition from easy-drinking to a next step state of contemplation as we consider the way this fruit renders into youthful riesling royalty, like a prince, not yet a king. Great vintage in fact, balanced and regal enough to sit in the same room as then other riesling icons at the top of their game. Citrus is woven, not seared, with indelible fabric stitched into the fabric of Twenty Mile Bench memory within the greater Benchland territory. So much positive vibration here and near to next level greatness. Drink 2020-2026. Tasted May 2020." - 91 Points" Michael Godel, WineAlign



Growing Conditions

High hopes for 2017 as the vineyards woke from a relatively mild winter were quickly tempered by monsoon-like rains in the spring that led to unprecedented water levels in lakes and rivers big and small across Ontario. Bud break was right on schedule though vines had to cope with a cool summer with higher levels of precipitation than necessary.

We like to say we grow in a cool climate and for the most part this is accurate. What we don't always recall is that our seasons can be easily divided in two. The first cool and cloudy, the second brilliant and warm which is the case in 2017. September arrived and with it heat and brilliant sunshine for weeks of end.

Also contributing to complexity and depth was a very pronounced diurnal shift from August onwards. Daytime highs in the upper 20s followed by nighttime lows in the low single digits.

All in all a superb Riesling vintage - ripping acidity, adequate sugars, good concentration. 2017 will live forever and a day.