2017 Charles Baker Picone Riesling


The concept behind Baker’s single-vineyard riesling is for the top tier one to be possessive in the matters of majestic and dignified, which quite honestly it is. Funny vintage that ’17 was and yet in riesling there can be this slow melt, tide and release of intricacy and intimacy, which this Picone does. Like taking a picture with the slowest shutter speed, allowing the sensor a full allotment of time in its exposure to light. This is the dramatic and hyper-effect and how Baker captured the highest riesling resolution imaginable. The succulence in the acids over top juicy, juicy fruit and this great entanglement is majestic and dignified. My goodness Charles, I think you’ve done it. Drink 2021-2032. Tasted April 2020." 95 Points - Michael Godel, WineAlign

Growing Conditions

High hopes for 2017 as the vineyards woke from a relatively mild winter were quickly tempered by monsoon-like rains in the spring that led to unprecedented water levels in lakes and rivers big and small across Ontario. Bud break was right on schedule though vines had to cope with a cool summer with higher levels of precipitation than necessary. We like to say we grow in a cool climate and for the most part this is accurate. What we don't always recall is that our seasons can be easily divided in two. The first cool and cloudy, the second brilliant and warm which is the case in 2017. September arrived and with it heat and brilliant sunshine for weeks of end. Also contributing to complexity and depth was a very pronounced diurnal shift from August onwards. Daytime highs in the upper 20s followed by nighttime lows in the low single digits. All in all a superb Riesling vintage - ripping acidity, adequate sugars, good concentration. 2017 will live forever and a day.


VQA Vinemount Ridge
J-L Groux / Charles Baker
Bottle size
750 mL
Serving Temperature
14 °C
Drinking Window
2020 - 2035
Harvest Date
October 13, 2017