Tollgate Collection

Oh how we all miss 'dining out', the splendour of restaurant kitchen creativity and the collective energy from a bustling dining room. And yet, we also know that we must abide and respect continued regulation and measures of safety.

Nonetheless, daily, weekly, we are witness to 'closing' signs, to boarded-up windows and to social posts of our favourite restaurants, bars, social havens that have had to permanently shut their doors. With these closings, so much is lost. It's the obvious things like jobs and empty spaces, but the more subtle things, too; that neighbourhood mecca; a family favourite, deep memories of a special occasion, person, celebration, not to mention those 'aha' moments of taste or service - never be repeated in the same way.

And so this message is an appeal to join forces and show support for our restaurant and hospitality friends through a special offer that showcases our Tollgate label - wines grown at Stratus and sold exclusively to the restaurant trade. And while Tollgate is sometimes referred to as the 'second wine of Stratus', make no mistake - these are low-yield, hand-picked wines from our vineyard that are deliberately selected for early enjoyment and outstanding value.

SAVE HOSPITALITY - We're in this together.
For each six pack purchased, Stratus will donate $25, that is just over $4 per bottle to the grass-roots, but ever-important not-for-profit organization,

2 bottles each,
2019 Tollgate Sauvignon Blanc / Sémillon
2019 Tollgate Rosé
2018 Tollgate Red