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Karim Rashid’s Edgy Bottle

At Canada’s Stratus Vineyards, things are a little on edge. Stratus—the eco-design–savvy winery owned by Teknion furniture CEO David Feldberg—has partnered with industrial designer Karim Rashid to create the 2014 Stratus “Decant,” a “deconstructed” wine bottle filled with, ahem, unfiltered Cabernet Franc.

“Usually, you see stuff done with the label, but for the bottle, we wanted to push the envelope and do something creative. And that’s when I came to Karim,” Feldberg said at the launch of the wine/bottle in New York this week. Inspired by the complex geological formations under the soils of Stratus’ Niagara Lakeshore vineyard, Rashid chopped up a wine bottle and stacked the pieces back together, not unlike how Stratus’ clay is interspersed with limestone and granite.

Stratus Vineyards
Pictured: disruption.

Funky, sure, but Feldberg soon found a practical reason to love the jagged little bottle: The edges naturally trap sediment as the wine is poured, making the bottle act as its own decanter. So Stratus’ winemaker figured he’d let the bottle take care of the filtration stage of vinifying the 2014 Cabernet Franc, corking it sur lie. A happy accident all around: “Design can have two agendas. Most of my work is about making a better experience; the other side is to show alternatives” to conventional design, Rashid told Unfiltered. “We got some really nice functional aspects out of this, but it also gets you to rethink why a wine bottle is the way it is.”


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